Think Eat Do


More than positive self talk, a mantra can actually change your thinking and belief system. Once those are changed, your life can also be transformed. Not only can you be thinner, you can also have the positive self image that you have wanted your whole life. The Activhealth team are experienced in prescribing exercise to help clients tone up, lose weight, improve strength and core stability and much more.

Activhealth Client Testimonials

When asked why they choose to use the Activhealth Fitness Centre, this is what our members had to say:

"Really Good atmosphere"
Martin E Havant

"Sets me up for a productive day"
Richard L Havant

"The classes are great. 30 minutes of fun with a good crowd and lots of variety"
Chris S Havant

"I've got a gym a couple of minutes from my desk, that is almost half the price but I don't use it. Instead I choose to run to this one in my lunch hour. Why? No, I am not mad! But I appreciate the value of friendly staff!"
Mark F Havant

"Having lost 87kg (no it's not a typing error) in 2010 the gym helps me keep the fat man inside at bay and stay a thin man. An investment in lifestyle and life!"
Brian G Havant

"Working with a Physio who is part of the England Football set up has helped me maintain fitness"
Fiona M Havant

"Using the fitness centre helps to keep the brain fit which helps with my job"
Pauline M Havant

"It has to be convenience. An 18hr facility means no excuses!"
Ruth S Havant

"The fun, friendly and sociable atmosphere that it presents to it's members"
Simon K Havant

"Excellent fitness staff"
Jason S Havant

"Dean Eddy has been organising and running Personal Training at our club for over 3 years now. He is dependable, reliable and extremely good with customers. I would recommend him highly"
S.J. Fareham

"I enjoy my personal training and it definitely increases my motivation and determination"
T.S Fareham

"Hi Dean, Just a quick note to say thanks for your input over the last couple of years. Thanks for everything"
C.E. Portsmouth

"Thanks for all your help so far. I think that the Personal Training service you provide offers excellent value for money - but don't put your prices up just yet!"
R.P. Fareham

"One can only train so hard, without good help and instruction. Everything seems easier and more comfortable with a good trainer."
P.C. Denmead

"Very interesting and positive. Thanks Dean."
K.C. Fareham

"After years of trying many diets I now feel I have the stimulus to begin using all the information you have given me. I now feel motivated. Thanks Dean"
G.R. Fareham

"Thank you for an invaluable course. Found it motivating and interesting. Ready Steady Go! Watch this space!"
R.S. Portchester