Think Eat Do


"People are always blaming circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get a head in this life are the people who go out and look for the right circumstances and if they can't find them, they create them."

George Bernard Shaw

Social and Corporate Responsibility

Active Health is underpinned by an ethical approach to fitness and a moral responsibility to society on both a local and Global scale.

You won’t find us promoting or selling the latest super supplement or gadget to hit the fitness market to bolster our bottom line. If there is insufficient Scientific or Clinical evidence to support it we will not make it available to our members.

You won’t be pressured by any sales people if you express an interest in our services – All of our team are first and foremost fitness professionals.

You won’t find any “special offers” to entice new members into our facility. We believe in rewarding those individuals who have been loyal to our brand and supported our business. This is why we guarantee not to increase your monthly payments for the life of your membership.

You won’t find any hidden clauses or long term tie-ins in our agreements. We will always aim to provide simplicity and clarity to the joining process.

With your permission we make a donation from your first month’s subscription to support our adopted charity Pass It on Africa.

At a more local level we aim to support the Rowans hospice via sponsored events such as Cycle Rides, Runs (Great South) and in house events and donations from members.

As maybe apparent from our support of Pass It On Africa the education of children to enhance life chances is important to us. Active Health have provided subsidised Boxercise classes, educational visits to our Langstone site and support for the annual sponsored Santa Fun Run.

The Activhealth Gifted and Talented program has been put in place to support local Athletes, Sportsmen and Women of all ages in their quest to be the best that they can be. Recipients of the award who are competing at County or National level are able to utilise the Activhealth Fitness Centre with subsidised membership, Personal Training and Physiotherapy support.